If you were looking for your dose of wierd, you have definitely come to the right place.  Well, I think you came to the right place.  That isn’t quite a definite thing, per se.  See, I can, on occasion, do something wierd or write about something wierd and I most certainly will try to for this update, since I haven’t posted in a hell of a long time, but this is not a thing set in stone.  No, no, no, no.  It’s more like it is set in a Jell-O.

Hmm, let me see…Last time I updated was in March, eh?  That doesn’t sound good at all.  I have been a bad blogger.  Please, oh great deities who rule over the cattle of this web logging internet domain, punish me!  I am prostrate before you.  I humble myself at your knowledge and wisdom.   What ever shall I do?

Ok, here is how it’s gonna go.  From now on, I will try to regale you with the most incredibly boring shit you have ever heard this side of Flan.  I will, of course, try and add an interesting spin to it, though.  Like these paragraphs I just wrote, were they, in any way, more than just words?  Did they have a twisted core to them that perhaps made their useless purpose entertaining?  I certainly hope so. 

So, allow me to talk about yesterday.  Twas a good day in my opinion.  As most of you probably know, I am a DeMolay, which puts me on the chart of coolness at a factor of 10^-34.  Anyways, yesterday I had to pay a visit to my chapter advisor so we could go over my application for Representative DeMolay.  It is basically an award/honor that states you are a good little DeMolay boy.  Well, I have to get it because I plan to run for a State Office in August for the NY DeMolay sub-division of the organization. 

So, there I was…woke up at 6:30 in the fucking morning so I could get myself ready for the meeting.  Mind you, by get ready I don’t mean primp myself and make it so I smelled like a god, no.  I simply had to bust some mind juice to memorize a 4 page ritual part that has to be squeezed into my carb-free, thus memory frazzled, mind.  There I was, walking around outside my house, looking for all this world like some teenager who had finally snapped, talking to himself and gesticulating everywhere.  Well, what would you think?  I, personally, don’t care but feel free to respond in the comments section.  Basically, I managed to beat the words into my mind after 3 hours of pacing around.  It was time.  I had to depart for the meeting.  I hopped on to my trusty Thumper© (click here if you wanna know) and sped to his house.

As an aside, yesterday was a very pleasant day.  I practically rode my bike the whole time .

Meeting went alright.  Some things here or there that needed to be changed, nothing big.  So, I hung around the Kitchell house until Chris came home from the SATs.  Wow, I remember those.  Seemed like so long ago, probably because it was close to a year ago.  Anyone enjoy pulling teeth?  Then, please feel free to take the SATs whenever you want to enjoy that mind raping pain.  When Chris got his ass back to his house, I kinda hung around for most of the day.  He invited some friends over, who I didn’t know, but they seemed decent.  While Chris got up, I stole his computer chair and started tweaking his computer.  I basically started Mac™icizing his desktop until it took on the appearance of a Mac OS X 10.3 Panther edition.  Then, I got him a cool program that made his desktop look kinda darkish and all sunlike.  Check out Style XP if you wanna try it out. (Do a search on google or type it out in your address bar, you lazy bastard)  I believe I have started a craze of changing the look of a person’s desktop experience!  Woot woot!  Here is an image of my desktop for all who are wondering, by the way:

Hope you clicked the image for a bigger version

So, I left Chris and my Chapter Advisor’s house around quarter to 6’ish.  They were having steak and I wasn’t invited   Nah, just kidding, I had better plans.  That’s RIGHT.  There was a White Castle Crave Case Challenge in my future.  Best way to end off a day I’d think.  At around 7:15, Keithus picked me up in Helmut Aximus and we were off to pick up Scrummy.  From there, we just drove north and east and got ourselves lost as hell.  But, fear not dear (1?) reader(s), we eventually made it there.  The Crave case was picked up and we headed back to Keithus’ house where the challenge commenced.  I left the table with 1st place, having packed away 12 burgers because Keithus couldn’t get past his 7th.  Pshhh, lightweights.  Tim made an admirable showing with 11 burgers to round out the night with 2nd place.  After a few rounds of Texas Hold ‘Em, which I won twice, I believe   (By the way, does anyone know if Three pairs beats three of a kind?) we finished out the night with a round of Slayer on Blood Gulch in Halo.  I was really wiped out by that point so I made a poor showing.

Alas, that was my fun Saturday.  Actually, in retrospect, that was probably the best Saturday I have had in a long time.  Also in retrospect, this was a LONG ass post. Hope you enojoyed it and clicked the various links scattered throughout.  Will update either tonight when this pitiful Sunday peters out or tomorrow afternoon.  Peace!

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  1. woot woot!! A question to you, loyal and dedicated fellow reader… Have you ever participated in a Crave Case Challenge? It is the true test to separate the mere mortals from those of us endowed with superpowers.. Gather some friends, come up with about $23 dollars between all of you ( extra ketchup and pickles ) and enjoy yourselves..

  2. Dude i could eat an  entire carve case if ya let me…then the magic begind when u add some beer to the mix…ya stomach starts making weird nosies and it is fun…..all I gotta say about the entry is Took ya long enough…this was the one u were doin when i bought u those pickles right???

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