Well, shit.                                           


Yeah, I said shit.  It seems my life is falling apart…Sure, sure you say.  Every teen feels that way at one point or another.  And for the most part you would be right.  Except for now.  Because what I am facing is an honest to god bad day.  Seems like my mom is going to lose her job.  With my family’s bad financial situation that would lead to me not being able to take any AP exams or even go to college.  Yep, that’s right.  No college for me.  Goodbye Binghamton.  I was so psyched about going to Bing too.  Well, if I want a college education then the only way would be to join the armed forces and get schooling through them.  I guess it would be a learning experience, but damnit, I am not too fond of military service.  The high mortality rate and all. 

¤So, feel free to post any suggestions you might have for me in the comments.  And by you I mean my (hopefully) one reader.¤

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