<insert Random meaningless drivel>  Well now that that is out of the way, today was pretty good.  Last night I received my Call sign for Amatuer Radio.  KC2MLK thats Kilo Charlie 2 Mike Lima Kilo….   Since I got my callsign, I been tooling around with EchoLink.  Nice program and I talked with some random guy from upstate…Just started up a convo with me out of the blue. 

 Spent most of my day doing homework…UGHH  Well, this was a first though.  I have never, ever done my homework before the last day to work on it.  It is a four day weekend no less.  I guess my friend Pat has had a good influence on me.  Now I am just waiting for pizza and then at 8 I am going to play a few games of Starcraft…best game ever.

Well, will (hopefully) update later with more interesting news.

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