Heya folks!  Wow, sure as hell has been a long time since I updated this damn thing ain’t it?  Well, here’s a new update. 

Yeah I am really reading The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, but that damned I am currently reading thing has everything but that, including wall calenders of it!  So, yeah, I am reading it.  Hopefully, I can become a more “proactive” person, which should in turn make life a hell of a lot better.  I am pretty much enjoying the book, you might like it too.  Maybe do you some good.

The real reason I am reading it is to see if I can rid myself of my procrastination.  I am sure it is some psychological disease that I have at this point.  Seriously, I think that is what it is.  Hell, I had two freaking weeks to write an English essay, do the rest of a social studies identification sheet, two huge physics packets, and some physics labs.  Guess what?  Didn’t even start that sh!t till Sunday.  Man, this is a pretty dangerous habit I have.  Trying to kick it will be a biatch and a half. 

Of course, God sent me a bow-wrapped gift from Heaven.  School got cancelled today due to a power outage.  Thus, I was able to finish my essay and do the SS.  Yet, I did none of the physics.  I am really starting to detest AP Physics, maybe I won’t even take the damned AP test.  Do you see the kind of shit procrastination can do to a person!?  So, kiddies, take advice from your resident crack-addict and don’t procrastinate.  It will definitely screw you in the end.

Well, now that some of that is out of my system, lemme give you guys an update on the Garage Project.  As you can probably tell due to the lack of updates, it was scrapped.  Although, we did manage to clean all the shat out of it.  Looked all nice and empty.  But, from there, we did nothing.  Sort of got bored with it and left it all alone.  Now, as the holidays have come and gone, my mom went through the house, cleaned up, and threw a hell of a lot more shit in the once-empty garage.  Goddamnit, will the crappiness never end? 

So, do I have anything else to spout about?  Hmm, no not that I can think of.  Oh, one thing.  If you managed to read this by checking back daily, you are one awesome person for sticking it out with me here.    See ya on the other side!

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