Ahh yes, another day in the life of someone you probably do not care about.  Thats cool.  I have no real world views like some other people who have a blog.  I just type what comes to my mind.  Now, Berk, he is one screwed up mutha’.

***Garage Progress Journal***

We got a bunch of stuff done yesterday.  Actually, what we did was put a lot more crap into garbage bags.  We did find an ancient book about McCarthy, the old Commie-hater.  Oh yeah, Keith enjoyed a brush with death yesterday, too.  After, Joe, our big burly strong man, felt destructive, he hurled a random Garden tool into the wall right next to Keith.  Seeing as how we didn’t need the wall to come down at that time, we pushed it abck into place.  Five minutes later, Keith declared, “I need a shovel to pick up some of this crap.”  Lo and behold as we walked over to pick up a shovel, a resounding CRASH rang through the air.  The wall had decided to come down soon after he moved.  What luck, eh?

So, after Joe had his way with the walls, we had to pick all the shit up, putting it into garbage bags.  We managed to put two fucking walls into about 20 garbage bags.  We seem to have cleaned up all the books that were in there.  All that remains as part of our housecleaning plans is to remove the leftover wall remains and the other stuff in the metal shelves on the left side of the garage.

After that, we must start the actual construction!  Soon, we will probably fix the garage door by putting new springs in.  Then, the roof!  The penultimate point in this project.  Without a good roof, what would a garage be?  Well, I will tell you, it won’t be pretty.  That is actually the main thing we really need to get done.  The current roof is horribly leaky, so anything we put in there would get soaked.  Definitely not good. 

Hopefully, we are getting back together again today.  Right now I am waiting for Keith to get his ass over here.  I said not before 8:30, so I figured he would be here a little after then, but NOOOO.  He still isn’t here yet. 

Oh well, report back later on the progress of the day.

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