Wow, this is pretty cool.  I never imagined I would have my very own ‘Blog!!!!  Can ya believe it?  I know I can because I took all this goddamned time setting it up to get the colours (oooh british spelling)  just right. 

I think in this starter entry, I shall briefly outline the purposes of what this Weblog will be used for this summer. 

1.  The prime reason:  Updates on how the progress of the Garage Reconstruction is going.*

2.  Secondary Reason:  Bitching.  Just plain to bitch. 

3.  Tertiary Reason:  Discuss how much life has gotten me down/up or left me hanging.

That’s probably all I am going to use this ‘blog for anyway.  Maybe it will evolve, maybe it will die of starvation and lie down in the dirt to be kicked by passers-by. 

 *  Let me explain about the Garage Project.  A year ago, back in the days of my youth, a bunch of friends and I looked outside and saw my worthless piece of shizzle Garage that hadn’t been cleaned out for a decade or really used for half a century.  On that day, we swore to ourselves that we would then fix said Garage and make it my summer/winter/whatever home.  It was also to be our prime hang out for the summer upon its completion.  I was going to put in my XBOX and 5.1 speaker system in there.  It will be pretty damned nice by the time we are finished.  So, there’s the backstory to that.  We all plan on working on the ‘Rage all summer long until it is finished. 

Let me give you a little hint as to how bad my Garage actually is: 

1.The Outside is covered in ivy. 

2. The roof has holes in it that leak like crazy. 

3. The inner walls are rotted through and need to be replaced. 

4. There is at least 2000 lbs. or a ton of decrepit old books in there.  They all have to go.  As does the other bunch of miscellaneous stuff shoved in there at one point.     

5.  The place is infested with every bug imaginable, including spiders and ants and pill bugs, oh my!

6.  Due to the rotted junk in there, soil has actually formed due to decomposition.  Can ya believe it?  This, of course, leads to cleaning of the floor and an eventual floor being put down.

7.  The entrance ways are both busted:  Garage door and side door. 

8.  Windows have been smashed in places. 

9.  Attic needs to have a floor put down for upper area storage. 

10.  Wiring.  Electricity can be a dangerous thing, but where would we be without it?  Certainly devoid of the most precious commidity on earth, the Halo LAN party!  Thusly, do we need to wire the Garage for more electrical outlets. 

11.   I am sure there is someting I have forgotten so let me leave this little placeholder here.  Etc., etc., etc.

Progress Completed 0%-10%

That’s my little thermometer progress meter thingy!

Basically, all that got done today was we moved some of the crap that we had placed outside the Garage to the side of the house for later Special Pickup.  Thusly, did we move lots of garbage to clear out the garage.  That’s about it.  It took two hours.  We next meet this Wednesday for lots more fun!

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