As a member of this Xanga online blog community, why am I expected to
always keep people posted on the comings and goings of my life? 
If you want a breakdown, here you go.

Over break I really had nothing to do.  I sat around most of the
time playing games and occasionally going to hang out with
friends.  Towards the latter part of the vacation I was invited to
help work on a new MMORPG as a project the Briarcliffe College Tech
Club was working on.  That was going along quite well last I
checked.  The last few days of the break, Keith, Tim, and myself
went to Washington D.C. to go and see/hear the Presidential
Inauguration of President Bush.  That was fun, albeit a little
cold.  Friday night, the night before I went back I went out with
Kitchell & Co. now featuring Marissa to Chili’s.  The company
was amazing, the food was great, and it was definitely one of the
better nights I have ever had. 
    I got back to Binghamton a few days ago.  I
haven’t really done too much here besides just chill out for the
weekend.  Today is the second day of classes and I almost missed
my 8:30 class
    As an aside, Tina has been here a lot getting to
know the dawgs on this floor.  I’ve also been trying to teach her
how to play Halo 2.  She still sucks, but she has been making
marked progress.  
    Right now, I am eating a bowl of Golden Grahams that I got from Mo, thanks Mo.

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  1. you dont NEED to update us about your life .. you could tell us about someone elses life or make one up. hope youre enjoying being back at bing – i swear i shall visit if my parents let me get a car (that whole thing where you pay insurance is what my parents are worried about. therefor catie b needs to somehow come up with $$ each month to pay that. damnit .. back to prostituting.) I MISS YOU KMO!

    <3 catie b

  2. people want updates on your life because they want to know how you’re doing. you should feel happy, silly!

  3. Yea well hopefully i won’t suck at halo so much if u guys didnt’ kill me every chance u got. lol. How am I supposed to learn if I’m always dead? glad ur posting agian.  : )

  4. Haw! I found your Xanga and am reading it!… Its not as interesting as I’d have hoped… and Golden Grahams are highly overrated. I used to mistake them for Cinnamon Toast Crunch and throw up.

  5. An interesting question for this community – should I be reading this blog?  I am a heavy political and technical blog-reader. I have been commenting and reading on-line for about 30 years or so.  I am also this blogger’s FATHER…   Hello, Kevin, my son!

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