Hey all…

I, umm, kinda graduated from high school and go to college now.  Woohoo.  Go Binghamton University.  But, here I am, sitting at home with not a goddamned thing to do Thanksgiving night.  I want to be back in me dorm with all of my warm electronics.  Home is so boring because my parents won’t let me out.  They think that I should be home with the family over holidays.  Meh…


God, I need something to do.

Wow, I just read that entry over and it is the saddest piece of shit I have ever seen in my life.  Alas and alack, I have nothing good to say as I never really write in this thing like a journal.  I use it more or less for strange things I want to talk about… like macaroni and cheese.  In retrospect, let me say one thing…WOOO Bush in ’04!

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