Ok, this deserves a WTF?  In the past two hours, not only has the temperature not dropped, it actually went up a bit to 85° F.

To continue what I was saying before, the newest dieting fads have begun and are consuming the nation, as millions of overweight Americans attempt to rid themselves of their saddlebags.  This whole lifestyle trend is quite alarming because it is just another way for Americans to get what they want fast and with very little effort.  The American population has become stuck in a rut of gluttony, one of the seven deadly sins.  Overstimulation, lack of exercise, and the fast and cheap way out are the sure signs of cultural depravity.  Ahh, laziness and procrastination, my true calling as an American.  But, at least I finished this post for y’all.  Hope you liked it, I know I enjoyed writing it.  Feel free to comment below.

PS  That “party” was really just a gathering of friends to make a graduation gift for a good teacher that we know, Mr. Schleith.  Didn’t turn out too well, but plans are in the works to make it better by tomorrow.  After Matera, Berk and I were done doing prop falls on Gordon’s nice, soft, green lawn and after I took out part of Berk’s toenail, we kinda sat around signed some yearbooks and threw some balls around while we rested in lounge chairs.  Real fun.

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