Goddamn it is hot.  Yes, that is right, it is currently a chilly 84° F right about now.  Now, if that isn’t sweater weather, then I just don’t know what’s what!

Nothing been going on much lately.  Well, there is the fact that a great leader of our Nation has passed away this past weekend.  Ronald Reagan was a good man, a good president, and a great American.  I hope all of you reading this take some time out of your day to reflect and contemplate on the loss of such a great man.  In that vein of interest, make sure you remember that this Friday, June 11nd(hehe),  is New York’s Statewide day of prayer and remembrance in honor of President Reagan.

On to other topics of non-interest.  School has been nothing but a big sucking sound…WOOOOOOSHHHHH  That is the sound of my life being wasted as I go to these pointless classes.  The only thing of interest was the game of Risk in Physics class and the bottle rockets we made thereafter.  Everything else?  Movies and boring presentations for SS.  At least I am becoming something of a cinematic expert!  Did you know that an average American teenager has seen more movies in his/her limited lifespan than a cinemaphile had around 20 years ago?  How screwed up is that?  That means one thing.  We need to get our asses off of our lazy boys and couches and do something more interesting with our lives.  Apparently, Americans are just entertaining themselves from outside sources too much.

Starting a new paragraph, cuz I have a feeling this topic could get quite lengthy.  While I realize that every time period in history has always had a “better time” before it and that this is probably exactly what I am saying, the America of today is becoming alarmingly comatose in its decisions to be active.  Ever see those commercials on T.V. at night with the “Verb” thing?  You know, run, walk, jump, skate, paint, do.  That is the campaign, albeit small, that some companies and government agencies are running.  They have realized the danger We as Americans are becoming exposed to.  Increased periods of slothlike behavior, lack of motivation to do anything, and the constant need to entertain ourselves with something other than ourselves and friends, i.e. movies, T.V., food, and music, are the trends that will send America spiralling into despair and decedance.  As compared to the times of yore, when the kids of America would go outside and play sports, run around like little banshees, or travel to other places for entertainment, the times of now are a doomed-slide into hell.

Did you happen to notice that whole Atkins craze that is sweeping the nation?  Yep, I was one of those crazed fools, though I started just before the whole momentum of the movement started and had to trudge through the grocery aisles looking for something to sate my cravings.  Well, this whole wave of dieting is a backlash to the sedentary lifestyle that many Americans are leading.  Yet, it is kind of ironic.  If you look at it, Americans are dieting in a hurry to shed those pounds, but they really aren’t being active.  You see, the whole silver lining to this starve-yourself-of-all-carbohydrates thing is that you don’t have to do any physical activity whatsoever!  Hell, I rode that gravy train all the way.  I kind of fell by the way side in my dieting craze and have gained back some weight, but it isn’t too much and I am quite happy how I am.  Besides, now I am getting better at my intellectual abilities.  Oh, maybe you didn’t realize?  Eating no carbohydrates will kill brain cells.  That, or at least atrophy them.  Happened to me, though I refused to admit it when I was shedding the weight.  I became very dull-witted, slow, and very forgetful.  I will be the first to admit, I wasn’t too sharp on the memory thing before Atkins, but it hadn’t been that bad.  So, if you really want to lose some of that weight extra-fast, go on Atkins, but be prepared to lose some of those intellectual capabilities.

Here I go, full circle:  The Atkins way, along with the Zone diet, the South Beach diet….WOOPS Friend just came by with an invite to a party so I bid you adieu.  Will be back to finish what the hell I was saying.

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