In other unrelated news, I have gotten a new job nowadays.  I am working at Jones Beach this summer as your friendly ice cream dude at Field Six.  Mmm, free ice cream and soda all summer long .  It’s a pretty interesting job.  Shouldn’t be as stressful as it was at KK.

I have also secured a date to the prom, unlike our common friend JB.  But, it is not to our, a.k.a. JFK’s prom.  Oh no, it is to MacArthur’s prom.  I am going to hers .  Should be a really fun time.  And its less than two weeks away.  Well, I am just sitting here waiting for a friend to call. 


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  1. Zhoe DAMN IT!  It’s hers, not her’s.  There is NO SUCH WORD as her’s!  Get reading, you grammar-crippling public bitch whoreMonger()!

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