I have done it!  I realize now why I have slowly lost all intellectual abilities over the past year and a half.  No, I wasn’t doing any drugs.  You see, ever since about first grade I have been reading constantly.  Every night before I went to bed, I would read about 30 pages in a book.  But, King Kullen changed all that.  When I started working there, I would get so tired that when I came home I would just fall asleep.  No reading time anymore.  So, now that it has become a habit of not reading before sleep, I am no longer exercising my brain just before unconsciousness.  This in turn has led to the atrophication of the organ that is my mind.  The symptoms I have been experiencing are many.  To begin, I have lost most of my ability to converse with the outside world.  I have these “brain farts” that make me repeat what I just said half a second ago again.  I also seem to have had trouble forming words that I used to be able to say with ease.  Plus, school grades have dropped as well.  That goes double for Physics.

As you can see, life has not been progressing well in the mental department for me.  Jaibe and I were discussing it after school yesterday that the brain is just like any muscle, without constant use it will begin to deteriorate.  So, I picked up a book earlier and I plan on reading it before going to sleep. 

And that was today’s epiphany folks.  Make sure you use your brain as well!

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