Blog Post!

Blog Post!

I really want to get myself started on blogging on a semi-frequent basis. For a few reasons, actually. I enjoy writing, but I’m not terribly practiced at it, so thus I must be terrible. By posting more, I’m hoping it improves my writing skills. I also want to at least have something on that isn’t just a random PVP macro for WoW. I don’t think I’ll ever get anything like a decently-sized readership. I don’t even have a planned topic for this thing. Without one, I doubt that my meandering wandering ways will draw people in to keep reading.

Having said that, I could just write about working as a Help Desk worker for a major fashion company. I just started the job last Monday. So far, it has been extremely interesting. I am learning a ton about different corporate systems and procedures.

One thing that’s not hard to notice is that pretty much everyone wears the company brand. The logo is everywhere on their upper torso. I assume that these people are shopping smart at discount outlets and using their employee discount. I am not sure if I will get clothes by my company, at least not for a while.

So, while I won’t make a promise to continue writing, I will make very little effort to do so!

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