Post Coming Soon!

Post Coming Soon!

I will be posting something today if it kills me. I hate not seeing a new entry on here, even if it is about nothing at all. I am trying to make more Twitter posts by tying them into Facebook, via TweetDeck.

In yesterday’s gaming news, I picked up Assassin’s Creed 1 for the 360 and played it for a while. It’s fun, but it felt like it was becoming repetitive.

A friend introduced me to something called MineCraft, which is a fairly freeform PC game. You start off with fists, which can punch through trees, dirt, rock and other objects. These objects break down into little mini versions of themselves that can go into your inventory. Using the little crafting window in your bags, you can turn the raw materials into useful items. Wood turns into planks, which can turn into dowels. Dowels can be turned into ladders. Stone turns into buttons or stepping stones. It can be combined with dowels to make stone axes, pickaxes, hoes, and more. You can build up by placing stone or other material back into the world from your bags or you can dig very, very deep into the world. The game is still in Alpha, but you can try the single player for free. If you purchase it, you can join multiplayer servers with other people. The look and feel of the game is solid cubes for the design. It has an 8-bit feel to it.

Yet, as simple as that sounds, it is very addictive and fun to play. I ended up doing the single player last night for close to 3 or 4 hours digging around and then eventually building a mini fortress. Here are some screenshots I grabbed last night:

Well, I hope some of you try the game and find out how fun it is.

I guess this turned into a real post, didn’t it? I just have to start typing I guess.

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